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Our Ambitions

The Cheltenham Trust aims to enrich the lives of its residents and visitors through a vibrant cultural economy and a distinctive sense of place.

Our Strategic Plan outlines the initiatives and operational activities that the Trust will undertake to achieve our vision. To find out about our core strategy and how we plan to enhance our offer, attract more people, and generate more income click here.


Being nationally and internationally recognised for our designated collections, arts and culture programmes and sports events. Continuing our track record of securing funding from sources including Heritage Lottery Fund, DCMS/Wolfson Foundation, Arts Council England and Sport England.

Complete key capital projects at the Town Hall and the Wilson Art Gallery & Museum by 2021. This will put the Trust on the international arts stage and ensure its ability to attract major touring exhibitions and acts.


Increase the current income achieved over a five year period through efficiencies and income growth. Increase our footfall by 0.3 million to 1.6 million in 2019/20, generating additional revenue for the town, and enabling the Trust to make continued investment in its facilities. To promote and support the development of tourism to benefit the wider economy of Cheltenham.


More than 30,000 people of all ages have engaged in a diverse range of Learning, Talent and Skills programmes in the past 12 months, and our ambition is to increase this by 10% this year. Develop and broaden our current 200+ volunteer workforce, attracting more volunteers with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and expertise. Contribute to a reduction in health inequality and set a new agenda for improved sports, health and wellbeing opportunities. We currently engage with over 570,000 users per year and investment in facilities, including completion of the Sport and Play Hub, will enable us to grow this figure by 20%.


Our Vision is to create a Cheltenham that ‘enriches’ the lives of its residents and visitors through a vibrant cultural economy and a distinctive sense of place.  Our Mission is to develop a new urban framework that generates social, economic and cultural value through embracing diversity, encouraging collaboration and driving creativity.  The Cheltenham Trust looks forward and outwards to its customers and stakeholders, our core strategy is to increase footfall and create income which can then be invested back into our services to meet our objective of enriching peoples’ lives.  This can only be achieved through developing the quality of the offer that the Trust provides for its customers and audiences.


Click here to read out Customer Charter which unpins all of our activity.

We need your support

There is a variety of ways you can support The Cheltenham Trust and the venues and programmes we run.

Please click on the link to explore the different ways your can support us, alternatively please contact for more information.

Thank you for supporting is to enrich lives.

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