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Leisure at Cheltenham's swimming pool set to reopen to members

THE pleasure of swimming in your local pool, particularly in a heatwave is something that we could all do before coronavirus hit and forced this activity to stop. It is well evidenced that swimming, like many other leisure activities is so good for our health and all round wellbeing.

Who would have imagined before coronavirus that being able to swim in a pool would become such a longed-for activity. The pandemic has made us realise that many things that we took for granted, such as being able to pop to our local leisure pool for a swim, would be removed.

From Monday 17 August following the recent reopening of Leisure at Cheltenham’s gym and fitness classes last month, members will once again be able to swim. Currently only members who are over 16 years of age will be able to use the pool. In addition, the squash courts and the Prince of Wales Stadium will also be reopening, adding more facilities for members at Leisure at Cheltenham.

The reopening of these facilities will help the community to continue to return to some kind of normality, albeit under the social distancing and safety measures, and will help boost the health and sense of wellbeing, both physically and mentally for those accessing the pool and centre.

Currently membership is £25 a month for members, which will continue until October recognising the reduced offer and swim-only memberships are not available at the moment.

Since the centre reopened three weeks ago, staff have been working towards welcoming members back to the pool, with all the social distancing measures needed to make the environment one where they can be assured of their safety.

This will include a minimum number of people using lanes for swimming and restricted session times as well as a new way to store personal belongings, as lockers will remain closed. The main pool will have three double-width lanes with a maximum of 10 swimmers per lane – a maximum of 30 per session.

As health and safety is the top priority, all equipment will be cleaned after every session, and the centre will remained closed on Sundays for deep cleaning to take place.

We want to welcome as many customers back to the leisure centre to use all the facilities, including the pool safely and to know we are doing all we can to restore and revive that sense of good health and wellbeing. Please keep an eye on our websites and social media to check the latest updates and we look forward to seeing you:

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