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Leisure at Cheltenham supports Badminton Masters players

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Leisure at Cheltenham is pleased to be supporting badminton players Nick Ponting and Rebecca Pantaney with free badminton courts as they train for their annual schedule of international Masters Badminton Tournaments.

Becky and Nick are both local and have trained at Leisure at Cheltenham most of their lives particularly when they were professional athletes striving for international honours.

Becky won gold for England at the ’98 Commonwealth Games and is now a full-time badminton coach to individuals, schools, Bristol University Academy, Gloucestershire Performance Centre and many countries who she has helped perform in International events such as the Island Games.

Nick retired from professional badminton in 1998 but sites his proudest achievements as winning the 1994 All England mixed doubles, winning gold and bronze at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and representing Team GB at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. He also won Bronze at the 1993 World Championships helping him achieve the #1 world ranking in mixed doubles that year.

Now competing in Masters Badminton they have competed in multiple European and World Championships in over twenty countries worldwide with multiple gold medals to show for their efforts – and with Leisure at Cheltenham help hopefully many more to come.

Nick shares, ‘Leisure at Cheltenham helped me enormously when I was a professional badminton player with facilities for training and Becky and I are so grateful for this new offer of support.  We don’t train as intensively as we once did but the facilities at Leisure at Cheltenham are first class and will enable us to maximise our chances of future gold medals in the various global Masters tournaments that we aim for. The badminton courts have a beautiful wooden floor which is the premium surface for a badminton court minimising the risk of injury and allowing high quality play’.

Leisure at Cheltenham is proud to be supporting local players and wish them every success in their next tournament.

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