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Important safety information for Music in the Park and our events

We’re delighted and overwhelmed at the popularity of our events at the Pittville Pump Room Heritage Café, we are also concerned that it’s vital to keep everyone safe while the Covid-19 pandemic continues.
Please could we remind everyone attending of the importance of social distancing and ask you to adhere to the following? If these rules are not followed we will be forced to stop Music in the Park and the events that are enjoyed by so many.

1. Please social distance at 2m
2. Only dance with one… partner and in an agreed bubble
3. Do not dance with multiple partners
4. Stay at least one metre apart if dancing solo
5. Do not group together for photographs

Parking at the pump room is limited – we would advise arriving early to get a space – please do not block residents’ driveways on East or West Approach Drive. Wherever possible please use nearby alternative car parks.

Any vintage/classic vehicles wishing to access the events will be parked in front of the café on the hardstanding ONLY and must arrive at least one hour before the event starts. There will be no access once the event is underway and there is NO PARKING on the park/grass area.

These events are free for everyone to attend and enjoy. We can only continue to hold them if everyone adheres to the safety measures. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Find out more about the Heritage cafe at Pittville Pump Room and The Garden Bar at Imperial Gardens here 


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