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Help to support The Cheltenham Trust

We would like to thank all our customers and visitors for the support you have shown us since we took the difficult decision to close our venues.

As a not-for-profit charity, we rely on income from ticket sales, Leisure at customers, hires, events, exhibitions, donations and our catering and cafes to enable us to provide Cheltenham with community, leisure, cultural and social activities and services at our iconic venues.

We are all now facing exceptional circumstances and we are asking for your continued support to help us through this challenging time. We are re-scheduling shows, events and activities wherever possible and would encourage you to transfer to those new dates. If that isn’t possible would you please consider donating the price of your tickets, in preference to a refund, or donating a percentage of the ticket price to the Trust.

If you are a member of Leisure at Cheltenham could we ask that you consider freezing your membership or donating your membership fees for the period of closure to the Trust?

It’s a big ask, we know, but it would help us overcome the financial burden this pandemic has brought upon the valuable and popular services that we provide. It will help us to safeguard our facilities and services for the future, for the benefit of Cheltenham.

Please do continue to follow our social media and visit our websites as we are launching virtual programmes and will be offering new services even while our venues are closed.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to welcoming you back to our venues as soon as we can.

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